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Matrix by Callison - 1.0 Energy

1.2.3 Task Ambient Conditioning

1.2 Ventilation

Provide an adjustable air flow directly to the occupant. This maximizes direct cooling effectiveness in office environments, which is particularly suitable for hot and humid climates.

Individual air terminals with a direct, ducted connection to the raised floor below.

Channeled air flow is directed from raised floors to individual workstations, cooling the occupants through evaporative cooling of the human skin by virtue of moving air. Consequently, the supply temperature is not directly linked to the cooling effect and can be delivered at a higher level. Individual air terminals at desk level allow air temperature and air flow to be adjusted by the occupant.

Operational cost and energy savings.

Increased occupant comfort and productivity as users enjoy immediate response to changes in their comfort requirements without affecting other occupants. TAC systems supply air prior to extensive mixing with room air, providing best possible indoor air quality. Individuals can change the perceived temperature by a minimum of 3ºf (5ºc) and up to 4.5ºf (8ºc) by varying the volume and direction of airflow. The ventilation rate is 1.5 to 2 times that of conventional systems.

TAC is designed for stationary work environments, such as offices. It is most effective in hot and humid climates and works well in combination with displacement ventilation systems of underfloor air distribution.

1.2.2 Displacement Ventilation
1.2.9 Underfloor Air Distribution