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Sky gardens are multi-story atria that share direct daylight and view connections to the outside. Sky gardens are naturally ventilated and may be fully open, partially open, or unheated enclosed interiors. They can be integrated into the strategic ventilation concept for the building.

Shaded viewing terraces, seating, vegetation in planters suitable for the local and micro climate, high ceiling atrium-type space.

When combined with outside air intakes, sky gardens may be part of a natural ventilation and cross ventilation concept. Modular or separated configurations may be used for taller or larger buildings. Sky gardens serve as a building amenity.

Strategic investment. The strategic integration with building ventilation systems may lead to lower operational energy building costs.

Symbol of health and well being. Higher building and unit values: The gardens are amenities and can be reserved by tower tenants for private use. Cost-effective strategic grouping with air-intake and structural systems, i.e. refer to Lotte Center Hanoi, Tower, Hanoi Vietnam.

The amenity of sky gardens can be made part of the tenant lease contract. Atria-void spaces are exempt from FAR and open space requirements may apply, contingent on regulations of the local planning jurisdiction.

1.2.1 Natural Ventilation
1.4.9 Green Roof
1.4.11 Urban Farming
2.1.1 Rainwater Storage and Reuse
2.1.2 Greywater / Water Recycling
2.2.1 Water Efficient Landscaping
2.2.2 Xeriscaping