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Reduce energy cost and increase user comfort by using natural passive ventilation when possible. Supplement and/or back-up with mechanical cooling during more extreme humid, hot or cold periods, also called mixed-mode ventilation.

Any combination of natural ventilation systems and components and mechanical ventilation and cooling equipment.

The client and design teams need to establish an indoor comfort range. The agreed temperature and humidity limits will inform the type of hybrid ventilation required.

This system is highly cost-effective in maximizing the use of natural ventilation strategies to save energy.

Access to outside air, improved health, higher performance, less absenteeism, and less operational cost.

Ideal for buildings that require built-in flexibility to accommodate increased or varying internal loads due to occupancy or equipment loads. Ideal for moderate climates and in conjunction with passive heating or cooling strategies. Review relevant code requirements.

1.2.1 Natural Ventilation
5.1.2 Air Flow Modeling