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Matrix by Callison - 1.0 Energy

1.3.2 Daylighting Controls

1.3 Daylighting

Optimize access, quantity and distribution of daylight in the interior and enable electrical lights to be dimmed or turned off when illumination levels are reached with daylight.

Control options include motion and photo-sensors, dimming ballasts, operable exterior/integral/interior shading devices, light shelves, light reflectors and heliostats, and internal reflectance to control amount and distribution of daylight.

Early design team coordination to integrate design requirements by client, lighting consultant, mechanical and electrical engineer.

Lighting energy use can be cut by 75 to 80 percent; many commercial buildings can reduce total energy costs by one-third. Increased building value and leasability.

Maximum ability to control quality of light and minimize operational energy cost. Higher performance.

Integrate and coordinate the selection of daylighting controls with the goals of lighting design. Verify energy code requirements.

1.3.1 Daylighting