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Limit both solar heat gain and glare with external shading devices that are an integral part of the building enclosure design.

Exterior shading devices are an integral part of the curtain wall/window wall assembly and offer a great opportunity for envelope design. There are several manufacturers of “off the shelf” assemblies. Horizontal sunshades attached above windows on south facing walls are the most common exterior shading devices. Vertical louvers are effective for east, west and north facing windows.

Fins or louver systems are installed vertically, horizontally or in angular configuration. Applications can be installed fixed or operable. Solar radiation gain through the glazing can be reduced by 80 percent. Use design simulation software for sun path diagram and shading model analysis to optimize the geometry.

Estimated energy savings can be up to 35 percent.

Maximum ability to reduce solar heat gain, control quality of light and minimize operational energy cost.

Access for window washing, cleaning and maintenance needs to be considered.

1.3.1 Daylighting
1.4.5 Integrated Solar Shading
1.4.6 Interior Solar Shading
5.1.3 Daylight Modeling