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Matrix by Callison - 1.0 Energy

1.4.6 Interior Solar Shading

1.4 Envelope

Reduce solar heat gain and glare with glass enclosure properties and interior shading devices.

Internal blinds and roller shades. Manually operated or with individually controlled motors.

Solar radiation gain through the glazing can be reduced by 20 percent.

Moderate energy savings, compared to external solar shading.

PVC-free, high-performance dual-coated roller shades with metallic backing (to the outside) and dark backing (to the inside) for minimum absorption, increased reflectivity, glare control, and optimized views to the outside.

For maximum efficiency and energy-reducing performance, the preferred hierarchy for placement is, in descending order: external to the glazing, integral with glazing, and internal to the glazing.

1.3.1 Daylighting