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Reduce energy demand through increased awareness of energy consumption.

A detection unit and a display unit. Allows individuals to monitor energy consumption resulting in less consumption. Alternatively, many companies are now offering online monitoring systems which require little/no additional equipment installation (

A detection unit (the transmitter) is affixed to an existing utility meter and tracks energy use. The display unit receives a wireless signal from the transmitter and displays the consumption information in real time and cost for the end user.

Immediate feedback can result in 10 to 20 percent energy savings.

Controlling demand; enhancing profitability; attracting and retaining prestigious, desirable tenants; reducing financial risk; improving equipment performance by signaling the need for preventive maintenance or repairs; optimizing operational efficiency with controlled costs; and maximizing property values.

Applicable to all building types and market sectors.

1.5.2 Elec./Mech. Demand
1.5.3 Commissioning