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Convert wind energy into electricity using wind turbines.

Types include vertical and horizontal (rotation) axis systems, micro wind turbines, and parapet-mounted turbines. New high-efficiency vertical axis wind power generators operate on permanent magnetic levitation (Maglev), eliminating friction of conventional ball-bearing blade-to-generator transmission. Micro wind turbines are small wind turbines that can be installed on or around buildings that require no additional structural support and enable power generation in urban and suburban settings.

Basic wind engineering can initially provide the basis for design criteria with respect to highest wind speeds and turbulences. Wind tunnel tests will provide solid data.

Savings depend on a variety of factors (turbine type, location, height, on-site vs. off-site generation, tax credit, etc.)

New Maglev generators are able to utilize winds with starting speeds as low as 1.5 m/sec and cut-in speeds of 3 m/sec. Operates in low and high speed wind. Operates in wind speeds exceeding 40m/sec (80mph). Cost 50 to 75 percent less to build as compared to conventional wind power generators. Major components are accessible at base. Longer life span. No decommissioning.

The wind power density increases with height above the ground and also upwards along the vertical surface of a building, however building-integrated wind turbines have not yet met their efficiency targets, due to challenges related to site-conditions and structure-induced turbulances.