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Protect the building environment and its occupants with management and control plans before, during and after construction. Develop an Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan before/during construction, a Construction Waste Management Plan to redirect recyclable recovered resources back into the manufacturing process and redirect reusable materials to appropriate sites, and a Construction Indoor Air Quality Plan to mitigate pollution and contamination of components by sequencing installation of materials and protecting ventilation systems during construction. (Source: USGBC)

Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan (; Construction Waste Management Plan; Construction Indoor Air Quality Plan. Implement construction monitoring process to ensure that installations adhere to the plans.

Create and administer construction management and control plans before the start of construction and monitor compliance to the plans during construction and before occupancy. Items to be monitored include proper protection of the site, proper protection of on-site stored or installed absorptive materials and equipment, flush-outs, clearance testing, etc. Review compliance of manufacturing facilities, products, processes, supply chains, waste streams and markets.

Implementation of erosion and sedimentation control plans on construction sites includes some minimal expense associated with installation and inspection measures. In general, waste management savings can be achieved by recycling metals, concrete, asphalt and cardboard.

Erosion and sedimentation control measures are required in most areas to minimize difficult and expensive mitigation measures in receiving waters. Measures that ensure highest indoor air quality standards will increase profitability, productivity and the overall health of the building occupants. Improved effectiveness and energy efficiencies of mechanical systems are additional benefits.

Material procurement and the sequencing of material installation during construction may require additional time. Early coordination between the contractors and subcontractors can minimize or eliminate construction scheduling delays.

4.1.2 Recycling collectibles
4.2.2 Toxic Gas Emissions