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Matrix by Callison - 4.0 Materials

4.2.1 Interior Green/Water Walls

4.2 Indoor Air Quality

To improve indoor air quality, maximize aesthetic potential, improve health and wellness, and potentially re-use recycled water via vegetation-covered vertical surfaces and/or water walls.

Green Walls: Aka. Vertical Gardens are typically composed similarly to exterior green walls, however, they can also be created using wall-mounted felt materials. Interior-friendly plant life, automatic irrigation systems and special lighting are critical components of living wall systems. Refer to the Exterior Green Walls strategy for additional information.
Water Walls: Full-height water features that utilize a variety of building materials and basic mechanical and plumbing elements to create an indoor waterfall. Systems can either be stand alone or integrated into the interior architecture of the building.

Green Walls: Strategically select local vegetation that compliments the interior environment, create a quality system that sustains plant life and simplifies maintenance, and install appropriate lighting that will promote growth. Early consultation with a landscape architect is highly recommended and an experienced contractor will simplify the construction and installation.
Water Walls: Consult a water feature specialist for design assistance and guidance. Include mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineers early in the planning process for coordination. All parties should be involved during construction to ensure proper installation and function.

Both green walls and water walls range in cost based on the project size and scope. A solid benchmark for either installation is $100k, which includes a medium-sized green wall system from design to installation or a large scale, architecturally integrated water wall system. Although little monetary savings are achieved with these systems, the benefits to the users are invaluable.

Green and water walls improve indoor air quality, maximize aesthetic potential, promote health and wellness, provide sound insulation or ambiance respectively and become resources for water re-use.

Living walls require appropriate lighting, irrigation, and plant life to thrive, while water wall features demand special attention to interior climate control to achieve success. When executed efficiently, little maintenance is required to sustain either system. Water feature specialists and landscape architects must be consulted throughout the process to obtain a seamless design.

1.4.9 Green Roofs
1.4.10 Exterior Green Walls
2.1.1 Rainwater Storage and Use