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5.3.3 Green Leasing

5.3 Codes and Incentives

Property owners and managers can benefit from green building operations by creating lease agreements with their tenants which promote sustainable strategies.

Depending on the lease language and the property owner’s environmental goals, tenants could be required to attain a specific level of certification by a third party standard, such as LEED. Special recycling programs may be in place in the building, or energy efficient fixtures and equipment may be required. A triple-net lease may also be in place, in which utilities are monitored individually and the operational costs including maintenance, HVAC and/or utilities are paid for by the tenant, thereby rewarding tenants for lower energy use.

All parties involved in the lease agreement should discuss environmental and financial goals before the document is finalized, and outline strategies to incorporate the goals into the lease language.

Energy use for commercial space with a dual-incentive green lease could be up to 20%-40% lower than normal occupancy (

Efficient use of materials, reduced operating costs and energy use.

Varies based on negotiations between the landlord and tenant.

4.1.2 Recycling Collectables
1.5.1 Energy-Use Monitoring